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Facilitating Change to Prep for a Transformational Grant 

Monarch provides high-quality care and trauma-informed services for people with intellectual and developmental disabilities, mental illness, and substance abuse disorders statewide. (Albemarle, North Carolina)

The Challenge

Monarch had a healthy, diversified funding portfolio, but they had reached the limits of local funding sources. In order to meet the pressing needs of the community, Monarch needed significant funding: the type available through a competitive federal grants process. Before pursuing these  transformational federal grant opportunities that would enable them to dramatically expand services to vulnerable populations , they  needed a partner to get them ready.  

The Collaboration Process
  • First, ​AltruNext assessed Monarch’s readiness to pursue federal grant opportunities by conducting an organizational audit through stakeholder interviews and evaluation of materials and programs. 

  • Next, we prepared a report of findings; including a score card of strengths and weaknesses, educational tools to be used on an ongoing basis, and recommendations for next steps to enhance federal grant readiness. 

  • Then, in collaboration with the Executive Leadership team and staff, we defined enhanced policies and procedures and a new staffing structure to better prepare them to manage federal grants... 

  • Finally, in partnership with AltruNext, Monarch submitted a significant federal grant to the Department of Health and Human Services’ Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA).

The Impact

Monarch was awarded a two-year, $3.9 million grant to continue expanding vital services for people with serious mental illness and substance use disorders through the Certified Community Behavioral Health Clinic (CCBHC) model in Stanly County. Today, AltruNext continues to serve Monarch in an advisory capacity on federal grant management for this recent award. 

Key Project Elements
  • Organizational Assessment

  • Policy and Procedure Review 

  • Grant Readiness Report 

  • Grant Writing

  • Staff and Board Coaching

The Client

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