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Development Reporting 101: A Guide to Designing Insightful Reports for Daily and Long-Term Planning

AltruNext Associate, Diana Shea, and Kristin Raack, were recently featured as guest authors with a detailed guide for designing insightful development reports. The full article was originally published on and the following excerpt is reprinted here with their permission.

The Power Of Development Reports

The development function of any nonprofit organization can make or break its impact. Given that 80% of all giving comes from individuals, most nonprofits rely heavily on individuals to make up their annual operating budgets in service of advancing the greater good. How can an organization make the best use of its development resources to achieve the highest results possible?

The answer lies in good reporting. Ongoing experience with reporting and reflection processes will ultimately yield even greater results. Our promise to you is that thoughtful use of development reports at regular intervals will serve to:

  • Foster a culture of philanthropy throughout the organization

  • Position development as vital to the overall organization and its impact

  • Educate key staff and board members on an ongoing basis

  • Improve year-over-year development results

  • Expand the organization’s impact

  • Promote a greater understanding of donor motivations and desired impact

The remaining sections of this guide will explain common fundraising metrics and show how to incorporate them into ongoing reporting processes. Even if your organization already uses some reports, this workbook will optimize your results.


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