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"AltruNext is truly an extension of our nonprofit's team. Not only are they in the trenches doing fundraising work with us, but they are also providing strategic thought leadership and helping us build capacity for the future."

Audra Wilson / former Executive Director / League of Women Voters of Illinois

To play, press and hold the enter key. To stop, release the enter key.

Lead with confidence by plugging in to best practices.

You’re focused on the needs of your organization and don’t always have time to keep up with the industry. We know what’s working out there (and what’s not). We can connect you with proven systems, processes, and frameworks. You’ll have peace of mind knowing our recommendations include current best practices.

Reduce overwhelm without hiring more staff.

Rather than taking on the risks and expense of adding headcount, let our team fill in the gaps. You can hire us on a project basis or as a longer-term partnership-- either way, you’ll get the support you and your staff most need from our multi-talented team.

Improve the overall health of your organization.

While we’re collaborating with our partners, we sometimes discover that the problem is more complex than anticipated. No matter what we uncover, we can provide solutions and assemble a team to implement them, setting you up to run more efficiently in the future.

How it works:

1. Let's chat

Click below to set up a call. We’ll talk through your needs and determine whether we’re a fit. 

2. Create a customized plan

We’ll put together a proposal and cost estimate.

3. Execute the plan together

We’ll set deliverables, deadlines, and weekly touchpoints and put the plan into action.

"AltruNext approaches their partnership with Chicago Youth Programs with unmitigated professionalism and conscientiousness. They do not work on the periphery of our organization but instead take the time and care to deeply understand our values and vision. The breadth of expertise that we are able to mobilize as a result of our partnership isn't something that we would otherwise be able to afford and has paid dividends for us."

Cinaiya Stubbs / Executive Director / Chicago Youth Programs

Is your organization facing tough choices?

Do you worry about:

  • Whether to hire additional staff to cover overwhelming workloads?

  • Where to turn when you need guidance or resources related to strategic decisions?

  • How to get ahead of day-to-day challenges to make longer-term plans?

  • What will happen if you don’t reach your fundraising goals?

  • How to ensure that your staff receives needed professional development training?

You’re not alone... these are frequent challenges. And we see that organizations operating without clear plans can lead to continuous overwhelm, unfulfilled (or burned-out) staff, and a failure to reach long-term goals.

Which means you’re not having the impact you could.

When you partner with us, you can feel assured that your organization is operating at full strength to meet the needs of the populations you serve and fulfill your mission.

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(former) SVP of Strategy

AltruNext took the time to understand our unique programmatic model and funding challenges and helped to identify new, well-aligned grant opportunities. I appreciated their knowledgeable, professional, and thorough approach to our work together.


Director of Development

AltruNext is a flexible, responsive, and valuable capital campaign partner. They carefully customized their services to align with the zoo’s internal capacity, so we could work seamlessly together and maximize results. I’m glad we trusted AltruNext to craft our campaign strategy, develop our case for support, and coach our Board and campaign committee toward success.


Executive Director

Our Fund Development Plan from AltruNext was just what we needed it to be: personalized to our organization, based on fundraising data and trends, and manageable to implement.  Kristin and her team made a plan that our small staff was excited to start working on.

How are we different?

AltruNext looks at how you’re doing things now, creates an actionable plan, and then gets in the trenches with you to move toward your vision for the future.

Our team can help you:

  • Meet your funding goals

  • Build and grow your organization

  • Train and coach your team

  • Optimize and leverage your data

We pour our hearts into this work to ensure that you feel confident-- in the plan, the execution, and the future. Together, we’ll make sure the mission is met.


Consultant Member,
Capital Campaign Toolkit
Kristin Raack, Approved Trainer
Grants Professional Association


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