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How to Navigate Change without Losing Your Mind

They say the one constant in life is change.

Nonprofits are always experiencing change. At one point in 2019, every single AltruNext client was experiencing a significant leadership transition: hiring or onboarding a new top leader, or shifting from the founder to the next generation of leadership.

Then 2020 hit. And as individuals as well as members of families, organizations and communities, we all experienced what it was like to deal with one wild change after another.

What’s interesting is that change is a pain point, whether an organization initiates the change internally (as we saw clients facing in 2019) or deals with a change coming from outside (a repercussion from 2020 that yet continues).

Most often when we work with clients on change management issues, they came seeking help on a totally different issue. But in pulling back to best understand the scope of the work – and to maximize the opportunities – we discover something about the organization’s culture, infrastructure, or internal processes have changed. Rather than throwing more resources at the point of pain, we always find organizations are more successful when they can address, learn, and benefit from the change at hand.

We've noticed three common success factors that help nonprofits be more successful in managing change:

  1. Get below the surface: Successful change is not possible if you don’t address the human and emotional components. It’s not only about systems, but about people.

  2. Look beyond the initial issue: Where you manage change is different from where the change is happening, and what is holding you back.

  3. Change is a process: First you must prepare, then implement, and then follow-through. Change ultimately happens because of people – your employees, volunteers, supporters. If you hold their hands to prepare, and celebrate successes as you follow-up, the implementation becomes more successful.

Change is constant. Read more about change management in our new downloadable primer. And If you’d like more information on how AltruNext can help your organization navigate change, please contact Don ( to schedule a free consultation call.

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