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  • Kristin Raack

Change Management: Strategies for Success

More than 2,500 years ago, Heraclitus declared, “Change is the only constant in life.” Those of us working in the nonprofit sector know this is true. Significant change in a nonprofit organization—leadership transitions, mergers, shifting strategic plans, staffing shortages, worldwide pandemics, and other disruptions—can have a profound impact on an organization’s ability to raise funds, retain staff, and maximize its impact.

Sometimes the change is out of our control: loss of funding or a new boss leading the team. Sometimes the change is by choice: taking a new job or implementing a new technology solution. Either way, change can be difficult to navigate. However, with an understanding of change management and a toolkit of strategies, you can become more adept at embracing change.

Managing Change

While we often lament change or try to avoid it, decades worth of research indicates that you can be an active player and help manage change. By being intentional, you can make the change process go more smoothly including:

  • Quicker adoption by individuals

  • Less emotional drama

  • Creation of a stronger and more cohesive team

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Check out the full article, contributed by Kristin Raack, Principal at AltruNext, to the Foundant Blog as a guest post. AltruNext appreciates the opportunity to partner with Foundant who offers software designed for philanthropy.

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