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Delta Delta Delta, can I help ya, help ya, help ya?

If we’re of a similar generation, my Delta Delta Delta reference probably elicited a chuckle, grin, or perhaps a groan.

In the early 1990s, Saturday Night Live produced skits featuring fictional girls from the Greek sorority Delta Delta Delta. They famously answered the phone: “Delta Delta Delta, can I help ya, help ya, help ya?”

If you watched SNL or paid attention to the Greek life on your campus, you may recall that the Greek symbol for Delta is an approximation of a triangle.

In math, the delta is used to represent change, such as the change of a variable. Over time, this fourth letter of the Greek alphabet has become associated with change more broadly. Now the universal shorthand for change is to draw a triangle.

So, why do I bring up a random Greek letter? Because, in a word, Delta contains a world of possibilities.

In the Business of Change Recently, when people have asked me about my work, I’ve responded—somewhat glibly—that I focus on change. But, upon further reflection, I realized that is truer than I initially realized. Not only does our entire sector seek to foster change in the world, but the AltruNext team comes alongside nonprofit organizations that are going through significant change. Organizations usually seek a consultant to partner with them because they are experiencing unexpected change or want to foster positive change. For example:

  • A new ED/CEO wants coaching to gain confidence in their fundraising role

  • An organization hears the community’s desire for a new program/service and looks for help planning the program structure and roll-out

  • A development team is growing and wants to refine the ways that they can work together most effectively through clear roles and responsibilities

  • A nonprofit board desires an external thought partner and facilitator to guide them through a strategic planning process which is intended to prepare them for a capital campaign in 2-3 years

Change = Possibilities

Many individuals and organizations find change frightening or difficult. While it may be our human inclination to give in to inertia and remain unchanged, those who seek or embrace change generally find creativity, energy, hope, and resources for positive transformation.

My hope for you is that you’ll muster the courage to welcome change into your life and your nonprofit. You might even find yourself doodling triangles and dreaming of new possibilities…

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Photo by Apurv Das on Unsplash


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