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Some Good News, a la John Krasinski, AltruNext-style

Perhaps you’ve been enjoying John Krasinski’s SGN (“Some Good News”) series on YouTube?

Well, I’m happy to share some more…..

  • The Chronicle of Philanthropy confirms that Donor Advised Fund giving is up all across the country. At The Chicago Community Trust, its fund holders have more than doubled their giving in recent months relative to the same period last year. From March 1 to April 30 this year, its Donor-Advised Funds donated more than $92 million, compared to $39 million during the same time frame in 2019. That’s a 137% increase!

  • The NonProfit Times reports that a survey of 900 small foundations shows that nearly half of them will give more this year than last due to the pandemic and more than half of the respondents are pivoting their grantmaking processes to include at least one of the following: emergency grants outside of their normal grant cycle, converting existing grants to flexible funds, making additional grants to existing grantees, or delaying or postponing reporting deadlines. To read more: Small Foundations Shifting Funding Due To COVID

  • People all over the country are finding creative ways to support nonprofits. One of our own clients, Housing Forward, who helps to decrease housing insecurity, compiled a list of their small successes from individuals. It is heartwarming to read how one person’s gift or act of volunteerism can mean so much. Read the article here.

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Photo credit: @mortalartistry

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