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A Culture of Courage: Using Your Influence To Foster Equity Within Your Nonprofit Organization

June 30, 2020

NonProfitWebAdvisor Webinar

Presenters: Kristin Raack, Principal of AltruNext

Cinaiya Stubbs, Executive Director of Chicago Youth Programs

We can do better. We want to do better. But how?

Issues of racism and inequity have long simmered below the surface—both in our country and likely in your nonprofit organization. Like the country, your organization may be at a tipping point, or may be long overdue in addressing lurking issues. By addressing those challenges head-on, your organization will be poised to maximize its impact in the community, hire and retain committed staff, and embrace diverse voices in the organization’s leadership.

Regardless of your specific position within a nonprofit organization, your choice to adopt a race-conscious perspective and encourage inclusivity helps foster important cultural change. This change will require some difficult introspection at times and hard conversations at others, all of which are necessary to begin the work of building equity.

Cinaiya Stubbs, the executive director of a nonprofit organization serving people of color, and Kristin Raack, a nonprofit consultant serving diverse communities, will help you evaluate your nonprofit’s current practices and identify ways in which you can further your mission and serve your community by addressing implicit bias and adopting a race-conscious perspective.

What You Will Learn:

Together, we’ll explore how you can

  • Deepen your understanding of the impact racism has had on the nonprofit sector and your specific organization;

  • Learn how to adopt a race-conscious perspective, appropriate language, and inclusive practices;

  • Engage in dialogue about the appropriate steps for your organization, wherever you are in the journey; and

  • Begin to create an actionable plan for greater understanding, inclusion, and diversity within your nonprofit organization.

The presenters will provide a downloadable toolkit of resources to help your organization consider how implicit bias may be impacting HR approaches, programming, funding opportunities, partnerships, and your standing within the community. Immediately use these resources to assess areas of growth for your organization and make a plan for organizational change.

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