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How To Invite Others to Join Your Cause

Creating Change through Invitation

Nonprofit organizations possess an incredible power to connect people—not only with each other, but to a cause that is meaningful to them.

Yet, all too often, nonprofit staff, board members, and other volunteers shy away from inviting individuals to join the cause by attending an event, making a gift, volunteering their time, or connecting others to the work.

We let our fears or uncertainties keep us from connection and increased impact.

For some, the challenge stems from a case of bad marketing or poor word choice. We tend to talk about “solicitations” and “asks,”

which may feel impersonal and transactional. Instead, what we’re striving for is intensely personal and relational. Therefore, let’s use the language of an INVITATION.

To help you feel more equipped to use this approach, I invite you to download the AltruNext Invitation worksheet and alter your diction and feelings about engaging others in the work of your nonprofit organization.

Your simple invitation just might improve the world!


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